Monday, March 23, 2009

February 12, 2009

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Town of La Jara was called to order by Mayor Austin Valdez at 6:10 pm. The roll was called. Present: Paula Medina, Tiffanie Polkowske, Henry Schimpf, and Mayor Austin Valdez. Larry Zaragoza showed up at 6:25 pm and Patrick Montoya showed up 6:55 pm. Absent: Earl Haslett. Also present: Maintenance Supervisor Keith Martinez, Chief of Police Richard Pena, Town Clerk Priscilla Schimpf, Building Inspector Joseph Trottner, Town Attorney Ray Valdez and Town Manager Bill Yohey. Guests: Pete Cordova, Stewart Anderson, Jill Lucero, Bob Smith, Brain Crowther, Larry Sisneros and Joe Sisneros. Those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion to go into executive session to discuss pending litigation was made by Paula and a second by Henry. Motion Carried. The Board adjourned to the executive session at 6:13 pm. At 7:23 pm the meeting was reconvened by Mayor Austin Valdez. No action was taken. A motion to refuse the offer and continue litigation was made by Patrick and a second by Larry. A roll call vote was taken: Paula – yes; Patrick – yes; Tiffanie – yes; Henry – yes; Larry – yes; and Austin – yes. Motion Carried.

Guests: Jill Lucero – Park Project. She gave the Board the updates on the Grants for the Park Project. She has submitted four (4) grants already and is submitting nine (9) altogether. She is here to see what roles the Town is interested in taking on with the Park Project. It was said the Town would be as a pass-through for the GOCO Grant, donate $5,000 and have the maintenance personnel take care of the park during the summer months. Tiffanie explained the detailed aspects of the grant administration. Larry asked Jill what roles she felt the Town should play in this. He mentioned that he is excited about this project but there needs to be a better understanding of the agreement between the school and the town. Ray drafted an IGA and submitted it to CIRSA, Sue Issenhoffer and she then passed it along to their attorney, Tammy Tanoy. They haven’t got back with Ray as of yet. Austin stated to Tiffanie and Jill that they need to get various things approved by the Board before actually performing the actions. Paula was concerned about the School Board not having knowledge of this project. Jill stated that it hasn’t been presented to the School Board because this is at such a preliminary stage they wanted to have all their q’s and a’s before they presented it to them. Jill also stated that the liability would be significantly dropped with the new improvements. Ray asked if they had their water well check by the State and they stated that they have and everything checked out great and is ready to use. Ms. Lucero left at 7:53 pm.

Bob Smith – LDS Church. He was here to address the concern about the mud puddle on the east side of the church that never goes away. Austin stated to him to check with CDOT on solving the problem. It has been discussed in the past and no one ever got back with the Town Board with any recommendations from CDOT. Austin said that this is still the next step to take. An option of putting a dry well was mentioned. Another option that was brought up was to put a pipe into the drain and dig a hole for it to drain into. Mr. Smith left at 8:00 pm.

Town Manager: Bill reviewed his written report with the Board. He informed them that he contacted Ed Vigil for the School PTA; his letter is in the mail. He mentioned that he met with Richard in regards to the evaluations and Richard felt that it needed to be more police oriented. Once the evaluations are completed they will be presented to the Board. The report was accepted upon a motion by Paula and a second by Henry. Motion Carried.

Building Inspector: He reviewed his written report with the Board. Ray asked him if he explains the whole concept of the exemption certificate to his customers. Joseph stated that he does and not may people use it. The report was accepted upon a motion by Henry and a second by Tiffanie. Motion Carried.

Court: The Board reviewed the Municipal Judge report. The report was accepted as presented upon a motion by Patrick and a second by Paula. Motion Carried.

Police: Ray asked Richard if it was true that Judge Miller acts as a defense attorney during court. Richard stated that he does at times. Richard gave the Board an example of him acting as a defense attorney for one of the cases. Austin stated that Andres from the Sheriff’s Dept. was going up to Jefferson County to pick up a vehicle for them so they are bringing our SUV down to La Jara for us. Richard informed the Board that the renovation of his office has not yet begun. As soon as Leonard Espinoza finishes up the job he is doing they will start on it. Austin mentioned that the Police Dept. has a computer that keeps shutting down and it was suggested to get a hold of Brad Huffaker to look at it. The police report was accepted upon a motion by Patrick and a second by Paula. Motion Carried.

Maintenance: Keith reported that the sampling has not been doing to good. It is starting to go up again. He thinks it’s the main line and the ice melting. He informed the Board that he is going to a Water Conference the whole week of the 16th in Colorado Springs because his certification is coming up. The maintenance report was accepted upon a motion by Larry and a second by Paula. Motion Carried.


Larry – He asked about the letter of support that was written by Tiffanie for the grants for the park project. He asked if they would let him reword and resubmit it to the Board for approval. They told him to go ahead. He was informed that the latest date to send out letters of support with the grant is February 19th. Paula was concerned on what part the school was going to take on with this project other than it being their property. It was then asked what the difference was between in-kind and non-cash. Tiffanie explained that in-kind is only charging a percentage of the costs and non-cash is volunteer work being performed.

Henry – He mentioned that he would like to see that whoever is speaking or has the floor for everyone else to let them finish talking before someone else starts.

Tiffanie – She informed everyone that the web address to log on to the Town Blog is She also stated that the board members are administrators on the blog. Priscilla will post the web address on the next water/sewer bills. She asked about putting more money into the park project from the Conservation Trust Fund and it was stated that it was going to be used to develop the donated land. She suggested letting the public speak in between the guests and the reports sections on the agenda. It will be further discussed. She also was concerned of why Bill and Ray sit at the table when it should be reserved for the board. Ray stated that he has attended these meetings at this table for many years and has never been approached with this concern. Paula stated that she feels comfortable with this setup because if she has a question they are close by to answer. Paula also stated they are involved more than just giving their reports. Larry also commented that he feels that all employees should sit at the table if there were room; we are all in this together. Bill explained to Tiffanie what his role is as Town Manager. Ray stated that he only speaks when it is a legal issue and tries not to speak when other. Tiffanie mentioned that her rental on 110 2nd Street was never on record for the new tenant, they never received a bill. There was no record of anybody living at this address since December 2006. A motion to split the costs of the basic fees for two years was made by Patrick and a second by Henry. Motion Carried.

Patrick – Mentioned that the Fire Department needs a spot to put up the emergency siren, asked for suggestions. They may be able to put up here at Town Hall but not until after the exterior restoration is finished. The Church and the Elementary School were also suggested. He will bring it up at the School Board Meeting for discussion of putting up at the Elementary and it was Okayed for him to mention that the Town will pay for costs incurred to have it wired.

Paula – Had a complaint about someone who made a complaint. She is asking for this to be more confidential. It was said that this issue should be solved. She also asked about Rios improvements to his building and it was stated that he has done them but they had given him until the spring to do the major work.

Attorney: Hensley matter – now making a claim towards the Town for damages done to her property during the flooding of her property. It was mentioned again that once it hits the canal it is no longer town water. Eric Swizel (Hensley’s Attorney) is not impressed with this statement. He is now rewording the claim and Ray submitted letter to Sue from CIRSA and she stated she would write Eric again stating Town is not responsible, not liable.

Clerk: Priscilla reviewed her report with the Board. She stated that Jay Williamson did show up and the CIRSA Audit went well. Priscilla also mentioned that Lance Clark from South Valley Liquor has his liquor license renewal coming up now on April 22nd. He will be coming to the March meeting; he already turned in his renewal application for the state. She also informed the Board that she is pregnant and they will need to find someone to cover during her maternity leave. There was discussion. It was mentioned that Vangie Archuleta agreed to come in to answer phones, collect money and receipt the money when needed for Priscilla’s doctor appointments, just need to give her enough time notice. It was suggested to ask her if she would be able to come in during Priscilla’s maternity leave. Bill also agreed to cover and do the accounting portion of the position. Patrick asked about utilizing her sick, vacation, personal leave time; he thought that it was state mandated to give maternity leave with pay without having to use these. Bill will check on this. The report was accepted as presented upon a motion by Patrick and a second by Tiffanie. Motion Carried. Approval of Minutes:

Regular Meeting January 8, 2009 – Motion to accept as corrected (changed bus drop to north drop on page 2 first line) by Henry, 2nd by Paula. Motion Carried.

Follow-Up of Minutes:

Larry asked what was decided on what work was to be performed by the basketball programs for the donation that was given to them. It was mentioned that they would do some kind of spring-clean up.

Approval of Bills:The bills were approved for payment with voiding the check made to Austin Valdez for $310 upon a motion by Paula and a second by Larry. Motion Carried.

Other Business:

Town Manager one (1) year renewal contract – It was reviewed by the Board. Tiffanie was concerned about making a precedence of keeping someone on contract for longer periods than the budget period. She suggested extending it only until December 09 instead of until March 2010 so that it could run with the budget year. Ray explained the theory of the contract to Patrick. Discussion was done on this issue. Henry and Paula agreed on keeping him on for a year which runs until March 2010. Larry recommended keeping him on. Ray again stated that he feels that it is necessary to have a Town Manager to administer employees because meeting once a month can’t take care of it.

Larry Sisneros asked to be heard and Austin addressed him to the floor. He expressed his opinion and stated that if people were so concerned about the Town Manager or Ray, Town Attorney being at the meetings they should show up to meetings and express their feelings. He gave compliments to Ray and Bill.

A motion to accept Resolution 2009-2 as amended, paid bi-monthly instead of bi-weekly, to keep Town Manger on from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 was made by Paula and a second by Henry. A roll call vote was taken: Paula – yes; Patrick – yes; Tiffanie – no; Henry – yes; Larry – yes and Austin – yes. Motion Carried. A motion to accept the Town Manager Contract extended to William (Bill) Yohey as presented was made by Larry and a second by Paula. A roll call vote was taken: Paula – yes; Patrick – yes; Tiffanie – no; Henry – yes; Larry – yes and Austin – yes. Motion Carried. Bill was elected to be a representative for Round Table for the Town. Bill passed around the new dog tags to show everyone what they now look like. Bill asked if they could set up a committee to set policies and procedures – Austin, Paula and Patrick volunteered to do so. It will be open to employees and they will have their first meeting March 3, 2009 at 7:00 pm.

Ray stated that state engineers are under great pressure of large wells of how and when they pump. He feels La Jara will be in that category, withdraw of underground water. He stated to be prepared to buy surface water rights within the next five years.

There being no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Patrick. Meeting adjourned at 10:37 pm.